Green Harvest SRL are land owners in Romania, farming hectares of organic crops such as rice, corn, wheat and sunflowers. 
They are proud to have been awarded ICEA organic certification for their cereal crops. 
Green Harvest's organic crop production is based, principally, upon modern, sustainable farming methods which maintain the fertility of the soil over the long term and use less of the environment's finite resources to produce food crops. In addition to the environmental benefits, this organic farming system brings significant advantages to this rural area's economy. 
In recent times organic farming has expanded at a fast pace in Romania and elsewhere around the world. 
Caring for the environment via agriculture in this way demands greater long-term planning. Not only does it encourage the existence of a wide range of wildlife and plantlife, it is also more sustainable and will support the next generations of farmers to continue working the farming brings many benefits all round. 
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